About Us

Dr. Allen H. Higginbotham has conducted tours to the Holy Land for many years. He and his wife Mary team up to make sure your Holy Land visit is of maximum benefit to you. Allen's first trip to Israel was in 1960, and in recent years he has conducted sometimes as many as four tours to Israel in one year. With this vast experience and frequency of travel, you can be assured that you will benefit as a passenger on one of his tours. When people go on Christian tours, they need to be sure they get the best and most for their money and time. Try it once, and you will want to go with Best Christian Tours again. We have many "repeaters" on our tours.

(Allen and Mary beside the Sea of Galilee)

BEST CHRISTIAN TOURS, INC. is owned and operated by Allen and Mary Higginbotham and is a Christian tour ministry to destinations of interest to Christian groups. Christians enjoy traveling with other Christians, and this has worked wonderfully for those traveling with Best Christian Tours. We do both foreign and domestic tours. We find that DOMESTIC TOURS are an important part of our tour ministry. Traveling with experienced tour leaders makes a big difference. Your comfort and safety are chief concerns with us in every tour. Passengers benefit from experienced leaders.

Allen Higginbotham has served as a pastor and has traveled as an evangelist over the years. Due to the fact that special studies have been made of the various sites in the Holy Land, the passengers are the ones who benefit in the greatest way.

Allen has been called upon in various meetings across the country as a motivational speaker for various business and church organizations. He has also conducted many meetings on the subject of Israel. He has been heard across the U.S. on radio over the years.

Dr. Higginbotham has served as Holy Land Consultant to travel companies for years and is presently active in organizing tours that he leads himself.